How To Add Divi To Your WordPress Website

by | May 1, 2022 | Media & Resources

In order to add Divi to your WordPress website, you need to first create a Divi Account. For this, you will need to head over to your member’s area of your Divi Dashboard. You can then click on the ‘download the Divi theme’ button.

You can then click on the accounts tab.

Click on API keys.

And then keep this tab opened as you will need it for future use when activating your Divi WordPress Website. If you don’t have an API key you can then click on the generate button.

Once you have your API keys you can then go to the dashboard section of our website. Click on appearance – Themes and Add New on the top left-hand side of your monitor.

You will then be navigated to a Theme Uploads page, you need to click on upload them on the top left-hand side of your screen. This will push down a little section (see screenshot below) where you will be able to upload your file.

You can then drag and drop your Divi Theme zip folder into the white block or select ‘choose file’ and navigate to your where you downloaded the file and upload it.

Once it is installed you will then need to activate your theme and then look for the word Divi on your WordPress Dashboard and select Theme Options.

You will then need to navigate toward the updates tab. You can then copy and paste your username as well as your API key into the sections below. And then click Save Changes!

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