Divi Supreme Pro – Taking Divi to the Next Level!

by | Apr 16, 2022 | Divi Plugins, Media & Resources

Divi Supreme offers its users an additional 49+ Divi Modules and 7+ Divi extensions. As a designer in the creative industry, Divi Supreme has allowed me to boost my Divi websites to the next level. With its clean code, Divi Supreme interfaces seamlessly with Divi, eliminating any excess plugin bloat. For instance, before I started using Divi Supreme, I had my website loaded with additional plugins for just a couple of simple must-have modules/widgets.

Now I use this beautiful plugin packed with everything I need to build a website.

Divi Supreme Pro vs Lite

Divi Supreme is comprised of two plugins, the pro, and lite. Divi Supreme Pro contains a large number of modules and extensions that helps us empower our workflow. On the other hand, Divi Supreme Lite (Which is free from the WordPress Plugins downloader), though it offers its users a fair number of modules, it has its limitations in what you can and can’t do.

Divi Supreme Pro features

Divi Supreme Pro offers a wide range of different modules and extensions. Some of my personal favorites have been the Supreme Button, Card Carousel, Floating Multi Images, and the Contact Form 7 Module.

The below screenshot is directly from my website where you can see that I have used Divi Supreme’s modules to help give my design a little more flavor. 😉

How can I purchase Divi Supreme Pro?

My personal opinion, especially if you are a freelancer or a creative agency looking for ways to boost your Divi websites is to get the Agency lifetime for unlimited sites and support for $219. However, if you would rather test the plugin out first before making the huge leap, I would suggest the Professional 1 Year Premium support option for $79.

You can use the following link to find their pricing plans.

My experience with Divi Supreme

I first purchased Divi Supreme a little over a year ago back in 2020, I had been designing in Divi for a while now and though I had found ways to get modules to work the way I wanted them to, I felt as though it was lacking slightly. I often felt as though I was adding far too much custom code to my designs, I then decided it was time I started looking for plugins that could help eliminate my need for all that excess bloated code. I reviewed plenty of 3rd Party Plugins settling with Divi Supreme. Since then I have been able to up my design game as well as WOW my clients!

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