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by | Apr 17, 2022 | Divi Plugins, Media & Resources

What is Divi Blog Pro?

Divi Blog Pro is a beautiful blog plugin designed and created by divipeople. If you are looking for some spice to throw into your Divi relationship, look no further as Divi Blog Pro offers you 9 (nine) exquisitely designed, dynamic modules. Each module provides you with complete design control, allowing you to create something far more beautiful than the average Divi blog module can provide you with.

The Divi Blog plugin is essentially a premium solution for every designer looking to build a responsive blog website, with no coding skills required it’s hard to say no to such an amazing plugin! Some of the features include 4 (four) uniquely designed layouts, 3 (three) different pagination styles, advanced filtering options, 4 (four) carousel layouts as well as the ability to hide/show post metadata.

Dynamic Modules


This plugin comes in 3 pricing options, Divii Blog Pro, Studio Bundle, and Agency Bundle, alternatively, you are able to purchase Divi Blog Pro from the Divi Marketplace.

Should I use the Divi Blog plugin for my website?

Yes absolutely! Well at least in my own opinion. 😀

I have been able to create some amazing and breathtaking designs thanks to the help of this plugin. There are multiple different layouts for each module to play around with, and the design possibilities are endless. For instance, in the following, I have used the ‘Post List‘ module to help create this authentically pleasing blog post design. With the use of a little CSS as well as fiddling with some settings I was able to design a layout that I felt was fitting for Divi Perfect’s blog posts.

If you would like to learn more about divipeople and their plugins I would suggest heading over to their website as well as reading the divipeople Docs.

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